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Whats the weirdest concert you ever attended?
Jeff Buckley opening for Zappa and orchestra.On Haloween.    
Whats the weirdest concert you ever attended?
Saw the Doors after Jim died but I was too young to know that was a big deal. They were really good anyway and Flourescent Leech and Eddie were great but kind of a strange opening act.  
Settings for New Vivaldi Apex Dac
Suire everyone here has one of those LOL!  
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Mine of course! But for reasons. Double wall sand filled cabinets on Stillpoints. Audiolund internal wiring. Powered woofer. Heil tweeter AND MIDRANGE so thin diaphrams handle sound above 800 Hz. RF blocker cladding.  Adam Audio Not made anymore... 
NY audio show 2022
If you go to a hoispital everyone is very sick. WINS does not report M<ary Smith took a packed subway at 2 AM and walked 8 blocks to arrive home safely- details to follow.    
New Project RS2T transport
Have only used LTA but gotta say adding Audiolund DC cable made as much difference or more than upograding power supply. Almost like upgrading a turntable power supply- better pace and detail- quieter background- highly recommended!  
Less-Loss anyone?
Always a fan of LessLoss. Have to say full loom from Mad Scientist Audio is far more musical for less cost. Still use AC and speaker FireWalls.  
Mad Scientists Audio Nano Tweaks
Nano Nitro AC have been the best AC cords I have had in 35 years- some at $2500 and these guys are SO much more musical. Caveat, it takes at least 6 weeks to burn in. Any less and you do not hear their potential.  
High Fidelity Cables?
I have 3 of their products and they scoop out the upper bass and midrange- the classic wow it sounds clearer- but only at first. Very amusical. They do not offer auditions or trials or refunds or credit. That did not express much confidence that p... 
Has anyone heard new Less Loss C- Mark power cable?
New to the forum but thirty five as an audiophile. Probably 10 AC cables along the way. There is NO comparing this to any other wire upgrade. Just replacing the AC wires if I heard a blind comparison I would refuse to believe it was the same syste... 
Concert fidelity amps
Well it sounds like we are dealing with some of the same products and manufacturers as I have the older sound apllication conditioners(one each for preamp, trnsport and DAC) and have fm acoustic interconnects, digital cable and a couple of the old... 
Concert fidelity amps
I am running these amps along with the linestage and the sound is the best I've had (or frankly ever heard). Hard to pick an area of special merit because they just sound more musical and utterlt envolving so the details are less on my mind. They ...