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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"When life looks like easy street there is danger at your door""If you plant ice you're gonna harvest wind" 
VTL Service ??
Luke should read this thread! 
Best Live Recordings:Performance and recording
Another vote for Waiting for ColumbusGrateful Dead-One from the VaultNeville Brothers- Live from Planet Earth 
Personal speaker evolution
From the Tech-Hifi days (remember them?) a pair of Large Advents.Some 2 way jobs from JBLKEF 102's $600Vandersteen 3A $2800Vandersteen 5 $10,000All this since 1976. I tend to get married to these things and upgrade my components around them. The V... 
Your Best Hobbies (other than Audio)
In no particular order:Fly fishingCyclingrunningCookingWine collectingSkiingHikingany and all sportsrecently we've started an Art collectionRaising my two sons 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Little Feat-SUNY Buffalo Gym 1978Joe Jackson-Syracuse War Memorial 1981Grateful Dead-Radio City 1980Bruce Springsteen-St. Bonaventure 1978Zappa-Felt Forum (MSG)1979 Halloween ShowOut of the thread but: Paco DeLucia, Al Dimeola, and John Mcglocklin... 
Worst speakers at Stereophile show
I was in the Eggleston/Nagra room and was very unimpressed by what I heard. I couldn't help thinking the speakers were starved for power. There was very little bass extension and frankly no sense of "being there". I'd be curious how they would sou... 
Speaker Cable Lengths - W/ Monos
The only thing you should think about is whether you always plan on having mono's in your system. I own a 4' biwire run of AQ Sterling and Clear. I'm VERY happy with the cables but am in the market for a new amp/monos. With the cost of the origina... 
Fellow "Llano Trinity" amp owners
I'm curious. What did you audition prior to selecting the Llano's? Their website tells a compelling story and seems like they stand behind what they sell. Is there anything you"ve heard with a similar sonic signature? 
Most musical stereo tube amp under 5K..
I have been auditioning amps for the past 2 months. The new Audio Research amps are the best things I've heard hands down. The VT100 markIII retails for $6000 but u may be able to find one on Audiogon for less. Gotta give a listen.