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Emotiva 6.3 & ultra sub 10 - talk me out of it
Sorry but I can't "talk you out of it". A good friend of mine bought that very same combo (on my advise) and it sounds VERY good for the $$ invested.Emotiva gives you a 30 day trial on pretty much everything they sell. Pull the trigger and give th... 
Best platter mat for Acrilic platter ?
I've had tables by Music Hall, Clearaudio and Pro-ject with acrylic platters. With them I experimented with several commercial and DIY mats. In each and every case I went back to no mat at all.Put me in the "None is best" group 
Cheap DAC w/ volume control for direct amp input?
Emotiva XDA-1. $299 delivered. Pretty nice DAC for the bucks. I love mine. Great remote. 
Used players better than $1.2K 13 yr old player?
I guess that I’m the only person in the world who was NOT impressed by the Oppo BDP-95. To my ears it was cold, clinical, and lifeless. Just BLAH for lack of a better term. I sent mine back for a refund.My primary CD player at the moment is a Cary... 
Orlando, FL
I'm about an hour from Orlando and less than an hour from Wauchula. I'm near Lake Wales.I'm in regular contact with several local avid audio "hobbiests". I'm not certain that we (or at least I) would qualify for the term "audiophile" though.I woul... 
12V On/Off Options for Amps do not have this
Get one of these: Russound 9500-115592 It's exactly what you're looking for. 
Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II
Jhorsh,First off I'm a fan of Klipsh speakers. I've enjoyed many of them and currently have La Scalas in the living room and Heresys in the bedroom.I've not had a pair of Chorus but I have owned Cornwalls, Forte's and built a pair of Cornscalas.My...