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NHT XD's well built?
Jack Hidley was Director of Engineering for NHT. How do you get to his ads? If I type Homecast.net I get some satellite TV receivers. 
Mark Levinson 37 to Chord DAC 64
I use a XLO Signature AES/EBU 110ohm cable between my 37 and 360S Dac. This is the best way to go, 110OHM AES/EBU XLR cable. The optical or toslink sucks. RCA's 75ohm is OK but the Balanced digital or AES/EBU interface is the way to go without a d... 
Very good Balanced XLR cable, suggestions?
AZ Silver Ref was bright but sweet in my system however, it gives up some bass. XLO Ref. or the now discontinued XLO Signature are very neutral/balanced cables. I have compared them to the Zen's, the Nordost SPM and Quatro's, the AQ's, MIT's, Kimb... 
Power Cord Review
They were the first and still the best on the scene. I have compared the base model Master coupler to the Shunyata V2 and the Harm Tech. Shunyata sounded wooley compared to SMC and warmer than the Harm Tech. Ref. Coupler just kicks it up a notch b...