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Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
1-PS Audio HCA-2 amplifier2-Kimber PBJ interconnect3-Hsu Research HRSW-10 subwoofers4-Rotel RCD-855 cd player5-Apogee Stage loudspeaker 
Which Totem Speakers
Check out the Sttaf. It's a wonderful inexpensive loudspeaker. Also, I heard the Tabu at a Stereophile show in New York and thought it was a contender for Best Sound of Show. 
Your First System
A Kenwood KR-2600 stereo reciever(15 watts per channel!), a Pioneer PL-112D turntable with a Pickering XV-15 cartridgeand Fisher St-455 12",3-way loudspeakers with DOME tweeters and finished in genuine walnut veneer.I upgraded to a Technics SU-760...