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Seller Unresponsive after payment.
Not that this is the case here, but this is why no one should agree to pay via PayPal family and friends unless they are family and friends. No recourse. The 3% addon is well worth it.  
Mental and auditory acuity, and aging
I know this topic is geared towards the elderly (I'm 71) but after reading this thread, are there any audiophiles under the age of 50? While we are at it, any women? If so, speak up. For me being an audiophile started young (early 20's) paused for... 
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
Waterloo Sunset - Kinks. Terrific song, well produced with a wide, deep sound stage. Great tune to demo system.   
Starting Point for Room Treatments?
Advice for RCA Interconnect Upgrade?
 You have good gear.  Put the $600 towards upgraded speakers. That will give you a much more audible improvement than a $600 interconnect cable ever will. Much more than a $6000 interconnect. $600 towards room treatment will also be a much more ef...