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SACD player as CD transport?
"Audiocrazed" posted some improvments on Audio Asylum saying he installed Caddock and Vishay resistors on the 777. I know little about electronics but I have a feeling there is something in the internals of the Sony that contributes to the nature ... 
Audio physic Virgo vs Maggie 1.6 QR
Good information. I know each speaker requires a large room, which needs more? John, you also state you ran the 1.6 with a CJ MV50. I always thought they needed a lot more watts. I have a CJ 11A amp, 70 watts, and never thought the 1.6 was an option. 
Biwire Spk. Cable & Inter. Advice
Carl and SOL322- I currently have the latest MIT shotgun interconnect, with T2 biwire speaker cable. I was going to upgrade my speaker cable- "to match". Is it not worth it? How does the shotgun speaker cable sound?