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Integrated amp for Focal Aria 948 speakers? SS or tube
So Belles Aria Pre and mono amps 112 watts per channel how would 948 do with my combo 
Amplifier for Focal 936
Really why do you say that, I was hoping more base and speaker efficiency would fill my room up more do you think Totems are better 
Amplifier for Focal 936
The mono amps put out 112 watts into 8 Ohms and 175 into 4 ohms 
Integrated or Amp/Preamp combo for Magnepan 1.7
I have Magnepan 1.7i and McIntosh MAC6700 with Rega RP40 Turntable and Simaudio Moon 3.3 cd player, The turntable sounds ok the cd player sounds much more dynamicThe receiver sounds great but can run out of steam quickly once pushed, but for avera... 
Has anyone purchased a krell S 550 I Int amplifier
Yes I bought one and the power supply went one hour into listening to it had to ship it back on my dime, Told them to keep it, Then I went out and bought a Mcintosh MAC6700 and now I m happy, MADE IN CHINA, KEEP YOUR JUNK OVER THERE.BUY CANADIAN O... 
New Krell s550i Impressions?
I had one for about an hour and the power supply went, Bought a Mac6700 instead MADE in USA not China