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Rap music on high-end speakers
I listen to rap. I enjoy it! I listen to it through my Legacy Audio Focus with my bryston amp and preamp and sony 777es cd player. I like to jam out on it and feel the bass through the impressive speakers. I also listen to Marilyn Manson and Dave ... 
Best female vocals on CD
You should try Fiona Apple! 
speaker drivers; where to purchase and which one's?
to answer Joel's question, you could probably send them to a place called meniscus audio. I don't remember their number but they have a web site. If you know what the driver's specs are they could probably run some tests on your drivers and find o... 
speaker drivers; where to purchase and which one's?
The two choices they gave you are very good but you can also try they carry items from companies like Dynaudio, Audax, Morel, and Scan-Speak. From the two choices they gave you, you can get a free catalogue. Also from Parts Expres...