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Preamp for Bryston 4b3 & Tannoy Cheviots
IF you are thinking tube, be aware of the impedance mismatch. Should make you look to a Supratek.  (I own a 4b3 but not a Supratek)  
Full range stand mounted speakers
I would get rid of the cats instead of the speakers.   
How Do Amps Affect Soundstage?
Mossy, I also have a 4B3 Bryston. I’ve been searching for a compatible Tube Pre that matches without blowing my load on an ARC Ref 6.  The pairing makes a ton of sense on paper.  Following with great vim and vigor.   
Budget preamp with quality volume control
Zlone, interested in your comment above.   I have a Bryston 4B3 (7.5kohm input impedance). The Schiit Freya + has been mentioned several times on this forum as a decent low cost match.   Freya + has a 75 ohm output impedance.  Not sure why this wo... 
Magnapan LRS+ VS .7
Lawrence, do you live in metro Detroit?  The Sound advantage in Rochester Hills certainly has 1.7’s and 3.7’s on the showroom floor. Haven’t been in for awhile but they were promising to have LRS a few months ago.   
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
Sadly, Audio Dimensions closed for business back in July.  Always knowledgeable, old school store for sure.    
If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............
Radiohead - OK Computer Astralweeks a close second  
What should I expect moving from MM to MC?
Personally I love my Sumiko Blue Point #2 MC cartridge.  Seems to give an extra ooomph to the base and very crisp highs. Plus I don’t use an expensive phono stage.   
any owners of RJS Acoustics bass augmentation speakers?
I emailed them. Got no response. Not sure what is going on over there.   
Florida Audio Expo - Budget Room
Anyone know the owners/principals of this RJS Acoustics company?  I’ve been emailing and posting. No response.      
Help with multi-room streaming with Bluesound
I must revisit this post as I have some similar thoughts, though something seems off here?!? The bluesound can send an analog decoded signal to the optical input to my receiver?? 1. if I use a home theater amp I can easily fire as many sets of spe... 
Building a new system…looking for thoughtful recommendations
Thanks for the sage advice Hoosier.  I really can’t wait to get them set up. As for the AVM, I do t see pricing anywhere for the add on DAC and the Phono Stage? 
Building a new system…looking for thoughtful recommendations
The Bryston gives plenty of detail and plenty of power at every level, but I do feel it lacks some roundness when listening to say a great Van Morrison record.  So in my mind some tubes will help. To be honest I do believe music is best played lou...