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Best electronics for Thiel CS3.6 ?
Two key elements must be present: 1)high current capability in the output stage to avoid midbass sluggishness (big torroids and large banks of capacitance) and 2) Tubes in the input stage or the preamp to bring out the soundstaging and liquidity t... 
Thiel 3.6 and 'grounding' / insulating
Thanks, audiotweek for your input on audiopoints. Has anyone tried sound anchors stands for the Thiel 3.6? I agree that the bass and midbass on the 3.6 could benefit from some 'tightening'. This may be a little extreme, but I also painted the insi... 
Are Sony SACD Machine Owners Crazy??
I recently purchased a 9000es to replace my Adcom gcd 750 with intentions to modify later on. The stock sony is nowhere near as good as the adcom in the areas of high frequency air, dynamics and soundstage especially. The mids are more musical, ho... 
Sony 9000es mods and break-in
Thanks, ScubaI am currently using an EVS passive preamp with Stealth M-7 cables through a LLano 200s amp into Thiel cs3.6. I certainly appreciate your comprehensive response, as well as the others. My mod budget will probably be limited to about 1... 
Quest for Audiophile Zen
I am using a chang power cord for the amp and an audioquest ac-15 for the cd player. I also use a chang lightspeed 9600 for the amp and have a MIT z-isolator plugged into it for the cd player. I plan to upgrade cords. I want to thank everyone for ... 
High Quality Passive Preamp Recommendtion
I use an EVS ultimate passive attenuator. To start, you should know that they mount on the back of your power amp and to change volume, you have to reach behind to set the volume. The advantage to this is that you can eliminate one set of intercon... 
Top Ten Speaker Cables of all time?...
Stealth Ultimate ribbon 
Top Ten Interconnects of all time...
Stealth PGS and ultimate ribbon cables 
absolute best component you ever owned
EVS nude passive attenuator, forget about preamps forever if your system works with it. 
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
Presence Audio Ultimate Linestage. 
The ultimate system? Cost no object
That is not an easy one: Wadia Powerdac, Stealth pgs and ur cables, BMW nautilus, PS1200 
First Sound Pesence Deluxe Linestage
I was using a presence in a cd only system and tried the EVS passive attenuators $250.00 that mount on the back of the amplifier. After only a few moments of listening, I realized that the passive unit, while not possessing the tube sound, was mor... 
Amplifier Suggestions?
The belles is a great amp. also the Monarchy audio se-100 deluxe mono's and my personal favorite, the Llano Trinity 100. (llanodesign 
Best Preamp For $1200 Used
I can sell you my presence audio linestage for less than $1200(see preamps-tube). It is fundamentally a better unit than the audible illusions preamp. Sorry about the plug, but you'll thank me later 
Preamp with a DNA-1, tube or SS?
Not to plug my own auction, but the presence audio linestage I am selling is being used with a dna-1 deluxe. I can sell you it for less than an Audible illusions and it is a fundamentally better unit. See my auction for details Preamplifiers-tube