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Matrix Audio Element S In the House
I bought the Element S for the purpose of using it with i2s specifically through Roon.  It's been 5 months since its release and Matrix Audio is struggling to get the Element S Roon Ready certified.   MA has been awful in communicating updates ab... 
Fiber optic USB cable users?
Hi, can the Fibbr usb optical cable be used with a streamer that has usb 2.0 into a usb dac?  I ask because from the description it seems that one end of the Fibbr cable is usb 3.0.  Thanks in advance!  Regards.  
Nuprime Stream-9 Streamer
@doni Hi, can you tell me the manufacturer name and brand of the RPi streamer? Below are the response I received from Nuprime: I use Roon for streaming.  Is the Stream-9 Roon ready?  Could I use the Stream-9 through Roon as a Roon endpoint?... 
Nuprime Stream-9 Streamer
On another Audiogon thread, a user said he contacted Tim Connor at Holo Audio and this was Tim's reply:  "Personally I’m all about i2s. It’s the best all around. With a good Hdmi i2s cable it’s definitely a step up. The aes/eBu is as good as spdif... 
The euphony summus endpoint has some impressive specs, but is twice the price of the silent angel streamer.  @thegm, what's your experience with the Musica apristina A Cappella III been like?  
Nuprime Stream-9 Streamer
Hi Carlsbad, I'm just interested in trying out the i2s interface.  Have followed many discussions with some saying it improves on usb, while others saying usb is better if done correctly.   I'd like to hear for myself which one I would prefer.  Pa... 
Nuprime Stream-9 Streamer
Thanks, that was kind of a weird post and thread. There are definitely other interesting streamer options available,  including g the Magna Mano Ultra.   
So can you pair an Uptone Audio USB Regen between cable and DAC with an AQ Jitterbug between cable and laptop?