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A different world
Cherry pick?  Agenda?  If you spend any time on the site you would understand there is no agenda.  Several comparison are digital to digital. Comparing Blueray as well.   I have compared several of these in my system and I heard a big difference. ... 
A different world
@sns It is not only one example. I stream alot, just typically not as good as vinyl even though my digital system cost in in the 5 digit range. The link below is a newer site but is doing our community a service by examining these formats in det... 
A different world
Unfortunately the streaming services use compressed versions of music.  Here is one example.  Dynamic range is smaller on the streaming service.  You never know what you are getting with Tital or Qobuz. https://magicvinyldigital.net/2021/12/04/... 
Why the cost increase?
I'm not a big fan of Trump's personality but Biden has been a train wreck.  The cost of material good are due to Covid and greed but Biden's policy's are not addressing it and only making it worst.  Unemloyeement payments, stimulus checks and exte... 
No-one talks about Rowlands anymore
Clueless statement.  Most of Rowland sales are to the Asian markets where they are more concerned with sound quality and build quality than price.  He can not build them fast enough to meet the demand.    
PS Audio Revises Marketing to a Direct Sales Only Model
Michaellent,  PS Audio pays shipping both ways on their 30 day return policy when items is bought direct.  Your concern is not really an issue. 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
Let me share my experience.  As you can see I do not spend a lot of time posting on forums, for I spend most of my time working.  I have an engineering background in education and last 18 years have spend most of my time developing technology to e... 
So how many people jumped on the PS Audio Black Friday Sale For The BHK Amps And Pre Amp?
I purchase the BHK preamp and the BHK 300 monoblocks on the black friday deal thru my dealer.  The preamp arrived and breaking it in.  Amps have not arrived yet.   
Dual subs and room size
Corrcting myself.  It is Richard Vandersteen, not George.   
Dual subs and room size
There are several industry experts which will only recommend 2 subs in a 2 channel system.  George Vandersteen and Jim Smith to name a couple.  To the point they state, for a 2 channel system,  they would not add a sub to the system until they had...