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Monitors for a bedroom system.......
Most here will probably laugh, but check out Red Rose's Spirit Monitor's including cables and 35 w amp for under $1,000. They look and sound better than most for their size and price. 
Anybody heard of GEKKO speakers?
You can get two for 150 bucks now (orig 500), lots of hype about these in the late 1990s...21st-century-goods.com/page/21st/prod/gk1114good luck 
Marantz 8300 SACD/DVD AUDIO
I received the 8400 about a week ago. My review only relates to audio, as I have yet to connect to a monitor. This also contrains my review in the sense that I have not been able to tweak most of the settings, which require a monitor. For example,... 
I need a musical sub under 500,,,,new or used.
The Aperionaudio 12 recently had quite a good review. 
Marantz 8300 SACD/DVD AUDIO
I've heard the good, bad and the ugly about the 8300, and kept away. But Marantz generally puts out great dedicated players. So I was first in line when the 8400 was released just weeks ago. It may be a leap, but I'm assuming its much improved aud... 
Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?
Okay, here is a compiled list of suggestions that I think I could swing on the used market. How would you relative rank?Dynaudio Special 25sSonus Cremonas (probably a budgetary a stretch)Tyler Lindbrook MonitorsJoseph RM7MK2sVMPS 626 Ribbons (stil... 
Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?
Does Green Mountain have a website? Seem to be some real fans but it's hard to get much information on their whole line. 
VMPS QSO 626 Ribbon Versus Josephs/ Tylers
Huh, very cool and interesting story on Shamrock... I'll dig further, thank you. 
Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?
Thank you for all your replies thus far. This last weekend I auditioned both the Monitor GR10s and Josephs... The GR10s had exceptional imaging and response, but lacked the sweet fullness of the Josephs. I can definitely see the "pipe and slipper"... 
Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?
Thanks for your reply... looking at this again it should have been in the discussion area... next time I'll get it right and will post my reviews as this post continues to keep on track. Thanks!