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Steve Blinn Racks and Platforms
The last time I spoke with him (maybe 2017?) he was headed into the hospital for some testing. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but perhaps things didn't go so well.┬áHe was always such a pleasure to talk with...great sense of humor and very humble. 
Audio Desk Systeme Record Cleaner
I have an update on my situation with the Audio Desk Systeme record cleaner.Thanks to Mr. Robert Stein of Ultrasystem (the US importer of the AD), I received a brand new unit on Thursday. The serial number is in the 1900s (my original machine was ... 
Great guys to deal with in the audio industry
I'll second the mention of Jonathan Tinn at Chambers Audio. I'll add:Sterling Trayle at Spiral GrooveTyler Mueller at Next Level Audio & Video 
Hooking DishNetwork receiver to amp=speaker noise?
Maybe a ground loop? 
WooAudio 2
Yes...that's where I first heard about them. I'm just trying to find more.thanks! 
CD player for my system?
Any experiences with the Meridian 506.24? 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?
You make a valid point Eagleman. I've never tried anything but the JBL's in my system. I've made arrangements to try a pair of Reimer Mccullough GS monitors this weekend. I'm eager to hear the differences.thanks 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?
Thanks Jay! The I love my 4311's and would be hard pressed to part with them. The may not be "high end," but, as you mention, for what I listen to, they're best for me. I met Richard Vandersteen (of Vandersteen speaker fame) at an audio store wher... 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A an upgrade?
Thanks for the great ideas. I'm thinking I'd best stand pat for now and just relax and enjoy the tunes!