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What is stopping the ultimate?
AMAN Albert and Sean! I have spent a fortune on these toys for thirty Years. Software is the problem, Garbage in Garbage out! Ken 
Is DVD-A still-born?
It is amazing that every comment made is right on the money this time! I sell DVD-A at my showroom at work. You have to fire up the projector to see the menu's, then scroll through several choices on the player then more menu's on the Receiver! Wh... 
Dedicated line vs. power conditioner
I must side with the seperate line! It doesnt cost that much and it actualy doesn't rely on magic. Also dropping the grounds on your amps make a improvement even Grandma can hear! It wont hurt the equipment and its safe as long as you dont shower ... 
DLP projectors vs. Pio. Elite HD710
DLP fills the gap between lcd and crt and is closing in on crts at a very fast rate, front or rear projection. the pioneer is the best rear-pro iv'e seen but crts cant get past the fact that they burn at different rates and fade and drift off conv...