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Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix RCA Interconnects and Digital Coax Cables
Thank you for your input! I just ordered a Boomslang from Snake River Audio, so I will almost have a loom of CT Matrix. This will replace a Cardas Clear Digital cable. I have had a "Wanted" ad out for a while with no responses for a 1M or 1.5M pai... 
Looking for Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix D2 1.5M RCA ICs
Sorry! And thank you. Ken    
Cerious Technologies
Hi everyone, Through this forum I have found the jumpers and interconnects I was seeking. I truly appreciate everyone's help and kindness! Ken    
Wanted: Matrix Jumpers
Hi all, I have thankfully found a pair of the Jumpers and interconnects. Appreciate your comments and help! Ken  
Cerious Technologies
I am looking for Matrix Speaker Jumpers and a Pair of Matrix RCA Interconnects in 1.5M length,   Thanks! Ken  
Cerious Technologies
After phone messages and emails I have still not heard a peep back from him or anyone at the company over a period of MONTHS. Once again, does anyone know if all is well with Cerious Technologies? I am sincerely trying to buy some cables from them!  
Cerious Technologies
I thought he had employees including his son. Thanks for your reply! Ken  
Cerious Technologies Nano Signatures
Hi everyone, I have sent emails and called and left messages for Bob Grost over a few months with no response. I did buy something and I am trying to buy another set of cables. Does anyone know what is going on? I have Matrix SCs and one Matrix IC... 
Wanted: Matrix Jumpers
Hi, I was going to do an exchange with an 8 foot set of GEs for 5 or 6 foot pair of GEs or Matrix cables. I had put in a request for a quote for either. I then called a couple of times and got Bob on the phone. He said he would look at inventory a... 
What jumpers are best for Cerious Technologies Matrix speaker cables?
Thanks! After I posted this I received an email back from Bob Grost saying that the GE jumpers would work very well with the Matrix cables. I am still wondering if others had Matrix jumpers made and if they are different? I saw one person say he h... 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Hi everyone! May I ask what CT Matrix speaker cable owners use as jumpers? I just ordered some Jumpers for Graphene Extremes and I have decided to go for Matrix speaker cables instead of the GEs I have on loan from a friend. I do not want anything...