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What in-ceiling speakers to buy
JAMO 10.5k4 is also a bad choice. But some of the JBL or Bosch ceiling speakers are also a good proposition for your reference. You can see their photos here: https://khangphudataudio.com/loa-am-tran 
Speakers for a very large room?
Tôi nghĩ bạn nên tham khảo phạm vi loa JBL. Và có lẽ đây là những gì bạn đang tìm kiếm: http://thietbiamthanh24h.com/phuong-an-mau/dan-loa-dam-cuoi. 
JBL Speaker? Should I use it for outdoor theater?
Hi,I am talking about a professional outdoor sound system with an area of about 1000m2 or more.Can you give me the best solution? 
Are Sub JBL Speakers good?
Thanks for supporting me. We have chosen the speaker line with the same capacity. 
Karaoke mixer preamp
There are many types of mixer tables to choose from. But I think one of the best audio mixers for today's best-selling audiophile preamp is the Souncraft, Yamaha, Dynacord, and so on. Here's an example: http://thietbiamthanh24h.com/ban-mixer 
High power handling speakers
Maybe the JBL SRX 725 is a good idea for you. Because I see, this speaker series is highly appreciated in the world. 
High Powered Speakers?
JBL loudspeakers are probably the best choice for you. Or you can refer to some great speaker models for wedding here. 
JBL Monitors?
Personally I find JBL's genuine products for sound quality quite good for the Monitors and speakers for the hall. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
My thoughts are like yours. It ended up being "Embryonic" and "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots".  
Line array speakers
At present, with the high demand of entertainment, as well as events in Vietnam are becoming increasingly professional and larger scale. Not only is listening but also enjoying music. So, the events, the stage today are gradually turning to the tr... 
Line Array speakers?
What is a speaker array? Array or line array this is a array of speaker systems are assembled into a row of wires and when hung up will form a corner Wide sound so many people call this a hanging speaker.