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Perpetual P-3A vs Bel Canto DAC-1 vs MSB
Hi My system:a cheap DVD,Musical Fidelity A300 inte. amp andAudio Physic Virgo I listen to all sorts of music.Thx 
Amps for Virgo : TUBE or SOLID?
Thx for the helps.Thinking about Musical Fidelity A3CR Pre/Pro, I heard they have tube sound, will that work? 
Audio physic Virgo vs Maggie 1.6 QR
How good is MSB Link III?
Thx for all the advice. 
How to hook up Subwoofer ?
Thx, Sugarbrie.It is a Sony active ($199) sub. 
Integrated amp for Magnepan 1.6QR?
Thanks for all the helps, I have Musical Fidelity A300 pushing the maggies but the bass seems thin so maybe I should go pre/pro? Bryston B4-ST Ok? Or other suggestions? 
Hi Tom Does Listener Magazine have a website? 
Active or passive preamps?
Thx for all the inputs. My system include Sony SCD 777es and Simaudio Moon W-5 , the spkers is Maggie 1.6QR. I am looking for the preamp right now, can I go with a passive preamp? Or I have to go for a active preamp? Any suggestions? And thx.