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John Lennon Accoustic lp?
yea, I have that lp and love it to death. but there was a different recording/mix and it is on the acoustics cd but I haven't found an lp yet. looks like ill just have to live with the cd. 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
Pink Floyd, Mars volta, david bowie and frank zappa.Though most cds I dont buy unless I see it for 8 or 9 bucks. my pink floyd collection spans about 40 lps, mars volta about 20, david bowie about 20, and zappa about 35.I also have a lot of beatle... 
Japanese reissue specialist
mofimadness and jaybo thanks. yea I guess if the issue isnt worth it im not going to bother picking it up. I have had the cds for begin here and odessey and they blew me away, picked them up after seeing kill bill and hearing it for the first time... 
How many versions do you have?
Pink floyd and mars volta, both of those are my favorites. so duplicates are abound. the biggest is dark side of the moon which I have about 15 copies of. 
Looking for record stores in Orlando
I will back up the sanford flea market. I go there and I have gone cross state. I live in jax. Mr Music I think his booth is called, has the best selection and fair prices. I found a really rare Syd Barret album there and last time I went saw a to... 
SACD availability?
well SACD is slowly going away but occasionally best buys have a next gen audio selection with a mix of DVD-A and SACD, virgin megastores ussually have more obscure stuff. 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
For me it does very from time to time, Id have to say David Bowie's letter to Hermione from his first major album Space Oddity 
New LP Returns
Phasecorrect: Ive been doing a lot of flea market bin diving, and yes floyd stuff is always overpriced, but thankfully I wrapped up my collection for the most part. but the bad thing about flea markets is the prices are always volatile, some stuff... 
New LP Returns
Hi new to collecting records, just started last year and Ive noticed more and more larger chains picking up LPs as a collectors items and such, Ive picked up some of the Radiohead reissues and a few other major ones(Mars Volta and NIN) and fortuna... 
G'N'R Chinese Democracy LP
about a year ago I got FREE tickets to guns and roses and I ended up leaving fairly early. So I wasn't expecting much of this release.