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Audio Note DAC Owners- please share your thoughts
@designsfx currently the modified Orchid described above.  
Audio Note DAC Owners- please share your thoughts
OP - you have an excellent DAC. I don't think you'll find anything dramatically better. I do think the AN DACs sound pretty different. Something in the ballpark that is modern and very affordable is the MDHT Orchid.  NOS, R2R, tube buffered outpu... 
The time has come and I request advice...
If I were going to spend 2500, I would spend it on the DAC over the streamer. Roon was already acquired by the largest audio brand out there, Harmon, which itself is owned by Samsung. We can speculate on why, of course, but the idea that the futu... 
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
Within your budget ... If you're keeping those speakers, you should check for dry rot on the surrounds of the drivers. Fixing those could be the best money you spend. I would also look at how you have your speakers installed: location/posittion, ... 
What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay
+1 for “you won’t hear the difference w/ a step down transformer,”  assuming you have a transformer rated for the needs of the equipment at hand. If we think about it, every device plugs into the wall and converts the wall voltage to the voltages ... 
Big speakers in small room at moderate volume levels
Typically small room means positioning the speakers near the walls. Most speakers are not designed for this sort of placement. I can think of one exception, Audio Note, which are designed for corner placement and, can sound wonderful, and are easy... 
Racks - what’s awesome without impacting my kids college plans?
I think the large Mapeshade with 4" shelves is excellent. The 45" wide three shelf was around $2K. http://www.mapleshadestore.com/samsonracks.phpI have this for my turntable and all other gear. 
Living Voice mods?
Sonos Connect Wyred4Sound Mod Any Good?
@psickerson you said "the latest Sonos update was awesome" - which update do you mean?