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It used to be Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. Later CD also gets great reviews. EXTREME dynamics. 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star would probably induce weeping if sung by Mickey Newbury. I'm only half joking. Check out his early works. (Looks Like Rain/Live at Montezuma Hall, etc.) You will ache all night long! 
Diana Krall New CD
I listened briefly at a store on headphones. Sounded like more reverb and more distance. Seems to have shifted from a wonderfully full and intimate sound to a more commercial one. Previous cd's sounded like she was singing in your home and only fo... 
Audible differences between speaker cables?
perception lies beyond the acuity of the 5 senses. I believe Ted Williams once remarked he could read the labelon a fastball. How many of us have that ability, yet who would say that it is impossible?How can you hear the ant walking, master?How ca... 
Why so many Flaky Buyers?
If you're talking about people asking questions, that's not a big deal. Looky-loos are part of the game. But if you're talking about someone reneging on a verbal commitment to buy, personally I would find that bothersome. I would be very difficult... 
Bonnie Koloc
Never thought I'd see that name again! I have an almost unplayable lp (Crazy Mary, etc.) that I can only dream about replacing with a cd. I played it to death! Greetings from L.A.