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Dylan new remasters/SACD preview
Thanks for the information. BTW, have you heard the Import (Sweden) version of "The Very Best of Bob Dylan"? I was wondering about the recording quality.Thanks,Larry 
Best Speakers Compatable with System
Thanks for your feedback...I don't have the bass modules with the EOS, and thus, would like deeper bass and some increased transparency. So, I thought a full range speaker would do the trick. The EOS are, indeed, excellent speakers.Thanks,Larry 
Anyone Familiar with Magnan Signature Power Cords?
Hi Sjorgensen,Magnan cables are truly outstanding products. I have the signature intercons and 2 super-signature power cords in my system. They are permanent fixtures, and have had them for a few years. David Magnan is very accessible and dilagent... 
Best power cord for BAT 75SE
Hi Ejlif,Thanks for your response. Do you have a link (contact information) on the Elrod cables?Thanks,Larry 
"sandwich" platform for amps
Shalom Detlof,What is it that you did with lead, felt and mdf? Many people are also advocating Maple as a good platform. Nice to see your post. Cheers, Larry 
Best Speakers at Stereophile show
Khawk2, I heard the nearfield acoustics pipedream miniatures at the show as well, and thought them to be among the top 3 speakers I had experienced! Simply stunning, with incredible midrange transparency; I want them! Understand it was a pre-produ... 
Are Audiophiles Obsessive Nuts?
Docwarnock, very true, "there is no shortage of hucksters". Unfortunately, this is a reality in our society, that generalizes way beyond audio. "Caveat Emptor" has always been true. But if someone is willing to pay $80,ooo for an amp, and derives ... 
Are Audiophiles Obsessive Nuts?
As a shrink and an audiophile, I can say that in my experience, many philes are "o.c." But, so be successful, we need an optimum level of o.c. Sucessful people tend to be more "o.c." than non-sucessful people. Further, empirical evidence... 
Who R U?
Greetings Detlof,Is there a correlation between Tubes and mental health? I suspect harmonic "rightness" and psychic "rightness" are like hand and glove.. Any thoughts? Kindest regards, Larry 
Who R U?
Hi Detlof,Here's to weaving tapestries, both across oceans and across human experience; music and science; a beautiful synergy! 
Who R U?
I'm a 57 year old shrink and father of two sons, one of whom teaches psychology at the Univ. of Ill. Have been a 'phile for 30 years. Nice to know there's another shrink on this board! Love tubes, great female vocals and Dylan. Listen to folk, blu... 
Great stuff; further, try Janis Ian,"Breaking Silence", Anna Caram, "Aamzonia", and Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Sessions". AND Bruce Cockburn, "Charity of Night". Just to name a few. 
best all around monitor
I, too have had several monitors, and in my experience, the Artemis-Eos are the best I have heard, comparing very favorably with any SF model; it just does everything superbly!Larry 
Cary Cabling
In terms of power cords, Purist Audio is terrific, as well as Audio Magic. Both the Dominus and the Clarivoyant in their rexpective lines. Further, check out Magnan. 
Power Cable for a Single - Ended Amp
Interesting responses from contributors; I am new to this post, but I, too have single ended amps(Cary 300se/lx20's), which are great, and am looking for power cords that are a good synergy. I currently have harmonic techs, an am looking to upgrad...