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Auralic Aries G1.1
Thank you mike_in_nc for the heads up on the USB output.    
Auralic Aries G1.1
Thank you, jond. I am glad to hear that wifi is working well. I like to keep it simple so I use Tidal Connect to control payback which I assume is compatible with the G1.   
Borresen X3
I think mtbiker29 makes an important observation at 50.8 x 13.6 x 23.9"   the X3 is a somewhat large and deep cabinet. I don't think I have the room necessary for a rear-ported cabinet that deep which is too bad as I think the X3 has a lot to offe... 
Borresen X3
Thank you, hilde45  I am also courious how the X3 might compare to the Raidho C 2.1  
Perlisten S5t
  Thank you for your take on the S5t, Isolum.  I am very happy to get your take on the S5t and the Sabrina as the Wilson has my attention also. I feel like the St5 has so much potential in a smaller room with quality solid-state amplification.  ... 
Studer A807
Thank you, ho249 and lewm. I am a member over at Tapeheads and What's Best but have not visited the sites in quite some time. I am headed there now.  
Perlisten S5t
Allow me to share some background regarding my post. I have been considering a move from my Harbeths to a floor stander and the S5t's have my attention. The Beryllium tweeter/waveguide DPC-Array is new to me and seems like it could be something I ... 
Perlisten S5t
The S5t is the five-driver subset of S7t so by all means please feel free to let us know how the Perlistens are working out for you. Looking forward to your input on this topic!  
TAD Speakers
Thank you for your comments, tymco6. There are many TAD speaker systems that I have an interest in. TAD originated its speakers on the pro audio side many years ago so my interest began with the studio monitors. Given that this is an audiophile fo... 
A decent integrated amp under 2K ...
Exposure 2010 version  
Upgrading phono stage
At or about 1k serious consideration should be given to a preowned EAR 834p.  
A warm DAC?
My highest recommendation for your budget goes to the Lampizator Atlantic. I suggest you contact Lukasz Fikus directly @ lampizatorpoland@gmail.com.  
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
My highest recommendation for the Exposure 2010 or 3010 integrated. You can find both at or even much less than $1200 preowned. One of the truly great bargains in audio. The 2010 was a Stereophile Class A recommendation for several years in the no...