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Devialet Expert Long Term Experience?
I am very interested to hear if the Devialet Expert 400 can push the Focal Sopra No 3’s ompared to the Pass Labs and Luxman gear. I’ve looked at the specs and can't figure out if the 400 can drive the Focal as sustained 2 ohm loads ? Please respon... 
Best SS Amp - Pass Labs X350.8 vs. Luxman M900u vs. Ayre VX-R Twenty
Any listeners in the forum own Focal Sopra N3's ?  Am currently looking for best amp. I have a large room 16 X 32. I listen to all kinds of music and want to be sure the low end of the speakers are driven as designed.  Luxman or Pass Labs for thes... 
Focal Sopra No 2 vs Magico A3
I think these arguments should be prefaced with or followed up with "In my opinion" thereby not coloring the truth !  
Integrated Amplifier for Focal Sopra 3
L509X with or without DAC and what is best current price for either ?  What is best percentage off MSRP I can get here.