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Linn LP12 Cirkus baring
new Tiger Paw Akula subchassis with a new Linn armboard on it for sale for very reasonable How's $250.00?  
Linn LP12 Cirkus baring
Thanks I read that. The thing is I was told by LP12Bits that I would need shims, so there is conflicting info on this. I install it and see what is what.  
You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
one of my favorite non MC.   
I was happy with my system for 30 years; now I need a new amp...and more?
1 Get the amps fixed and retubed. 2 3 keep the Klipsch sound   that is what i would do,  
Turntable sub $4k buy decisions too many.