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Martin Logan Theater i center
I have one in my theater. I upgraded from the ML Logos last year. Beautiful sound and only having the Logos to compare (which is a fine center as well) it is perfect IMO. I am a huge ML fan. I love their sound. If you are pairing with other ML ele... 
Onkyo DV-SP1000 Universal Player
Very good point TonyPTony. I hope to see more. (why this rig has me so curious, I'm not sure...)Lanny: What are you using instead of your SP1000 now? Curious. Looking at your thread(s) back in November you seemed smitten. Thanks for the feedback! 
The best home theater listening room seating?
Slipknot, in two words: Right On! 
Rear surrounds for martin logans
Mine do! reQuests, Logos, Aerius and Scripts round out my room. They are all very compatable and sound wonderful together. 
Mirage Omnisats: No traffic, no reviews?
Check out Jan/Feb 2003 TPV article on page 16. They have some good comments on the type of sound they produce. Sounds like a neat little package for small room suround applications. 
Proceed AVP or Meridian 561?
Absolutely the AVP. Smooth as silk in both 2ch and HT. I do however want to know that inexpensive 5.1 solution for multi-channel SACD that mikelavigne speaks of. Do share.AVP hands down. Enjoy. 
sub in the fireplace
I thought I was the only crazy to do this. I sealed off my fireplace with expanding foam and carved out a nice shell and painted it flat black. The sub is down-firing and side ported. My firebox sits about 10" off the floor. It sounds great, and i... 
McIntosh - is it that great?
Simple answer...Yes. 
Loudspeaker recommendations for Mac amps
I argee with Martin Logans. I have three 2205's and a 2125 running my home theater. Two 2205's (in mono) driving reQuests, one driving the Aerius i's in the rear and the 2125 (in mono) driving a Logos. It's quite nice. 
Is EX worth it?
I just read an interesting article on this topic. Check out the September/October 2000 issue of "The Perfect Vision" They have an interesting comparison of Lexicon's Logic 7 and THX EX. It brings up some good points both pro and con regarding the ...