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Opinions: Marantz DV-12S1 vs Pioneer Elite 45a
Oh... and any thoughts on how the Marantz will compare with newer mid/high-end players like the new Philips 963 are appreciated.I don't mind buying into ~2 year old "reference" gear like the DV-12S1 as long as the new stuff like the Philips 963 do... 
Music Hall MMF-7 or the Rega 3
Any additional thoughts on this? I am looking at the Rega P3, P25, or the MMF-7Has anyone listened to, or have any insight into the differences/advantages between them?thx! 
Aranov 9100 vs. Rogue M120
The Magnum upgrade is ~$1200 I believe. 
opinions- Dynavector DV501 Tonearm
Sorry about the multiple post, not sure how that