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System Audio SA505
I have a pair as well - i also own vandersteen 2ce signatures, Dahlquist dq-10, Revel f-12's, Dali -Ikon 6's etc...so I have a few different sounds and I just love the sound that these put out - an undiscovered gem. 
Revel Concerta F12 vs. Monitor Audio RS6
The F-12's every day. I have mine next to Vandersteen 2ce sig, and the F-12's are open, and detailed. 
Proac 2 - stand options
I know it sounds crazy, but the stands do make a difference. The Target Stands are a must - search and you can find them. I have the 2s version..tried using them without and with wood stands. The Target just sounds better.Larry 
The best speaker you ever heard?
I love the Vandersteen line - especially the 2ce's..but I have to say after hearing the Von Schweikerts Vr 99's - not much else compares.Larry 
Personal speaker evolution
Ok..herer goes first time spilling my guts.Studiocraft 440'sOHM F'sDCM Time WindowsJBL 100'sPolk 7's/Large AdventsthenVandersteen 1'cVandersteen 2ceProac Response 2sLarry 
DCM Time Window 1 questions
I have a very early pair of Time Windows. The value will depend on the condition of the drivers - they are a pain to get the cloth off and back on. You should be able to buy a perfect pair for $200-$300. I'm currently running them with 100wpc...bu... 
Best floorstanders for classical?
I'm currently running a 70watt amp with Vandersteen 2ce's listening to classical music and loving it. The Thiel line also works well with classical - may need a little more power. Larry 
Vandersteen 1C set up
You are, of course, advised to set up these speakers according to the manual. I have a pair of 1c's, but don't have the right room dimensions to make them work according to the manual. Nevertheless, While my setup isn't by the book, the sound is w...