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Why so few high end line arrays?
Hi, I am very interested in the line array, especially when listening to them outside. I currently use a Zero autoformer to raise my current 4 ohm speakers to 8 (anything higher than that and it didn't sound right) 
Karaoke mixer preamp
I think virtually everything aimed specifically at the karaoke market is, by definition,going to be cheesy.  One example: https://danamthanhdamcuoi.com/ban-mixer/ 
Can I bi-amp with an integrated amp's Main-In, and a Power amp?
Hello friends,I am in need of advice on buying a power push for an outdoor stage sound system. Please help me advise to choose the most suitable power push line here https://danamthanhdamcuoi.com/cuc-day-cong-suat/. Thanks everyone. 
Are Sub JBL Speakers good?
I think you should refer to one of JBL's 3 speakers, it will definitely satisfy you. Link to your reference: https://danamthanhdamcuoi.com/top-3-loa-dam-cuoi-jbl-tot-nhat/