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HDTV Over The Air?
For an antenna www.antennasdirect.com. Don't get a Terk antenna. Samsung tuners are decent. 
Best speaker cables for electrostatic speakers?
Double run of DiMarzio, goes great between Levinson and Martin Logan Prodigys. 
Opinions on the AirHead?
Have not heard a stock ipod, but paired with my CD Player, it sounds tremendous. Much better than without the amp. I use it with the Etymotic 4p headphones when I travel. I have used the airhead for about 2 years and just bought the total airhead.... 
Believe it or not, an A.M. radio question
Don't waste your money on Terk. I already have. Their antennas are long on marketing and good looks and have pitiful performance. This holds for both radio and TV 
Origin DC Motor in LP12: Marketing or reality?
I own an Armageddon on my Linn. Big improvement over the Valhalla. Speed is very constant. I have not heard the OL but understand that since it is DC and the platter is not high mass that you will hear the speed fluctuations as variations in the p... 
Herron Interconnects
I have only seen the interconnects and have not been able to critically listen. I can tell you that the wire is very thin. I would say the cables are about 1/8" thick with gold plated heavy duty RCA connectors. I have heard the Herron phono stage ... 
Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 speaker system - thoughts?
Have not heard the HT or recent models. Totem speakers to me are very appealing in the short run. However after extended listening the lustre wears off. The dealer near me even stopped carrying them. I recommend you get an extended demo in your ow... 
Digitally remastered vinyl?
I like 60's and 70's technology where they just left out the D altogether. 
Next upgrade for vinyl rookie
If you want something now, think about an isolation platform for the Rega such as a Target TT1 wallmount. Experiment with various cones and platforms on the rack. But I think you get the most bang for you buck if you upgrade as early in the chain ...