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KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??
Late to this party.Just put in apple airport express via optical > W4S dac2 via RCA > LS50w.  Compared to direct wireless stream into LS50w, much warmer and ‘musical’.   Less metallic sound which I couldn’t stand before.  Now it’s much bette... 
New Yamaha integrated amps
Apologize as I am a bit late to this discussion.  So much going on out there....I am listening to the Yamaha AS2200 while typing this.  This Yamaha replaced Bryston and Parasound monoblocks due to space contraints.  This unit is an incredibly musi... 
Bryston 7Bsst2 vs Parasound JC1
After extended listening sessions, I have even more appreciation for Bryston. It pairs very well with warm speakers. What I missed in prior listening sessions with Maggies paired to Bryston Bsst2 was that the amp was just too "honest". It left not... 
Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 3 power amp
I had a XPA2 gen 2 for stereo in the past. Sold it. Went with Parasound A21 and never looked back. I would consider purchasing them at half the price if used. I’d save money for something better.