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Help Should I stay with my Axiom M22ti or move on?
You may want to look into into the Adire He 1-0nd finished speakers are available at They are very efficient and have been well received. 
Joseph Audio RM7si or ProAc 1sc?
I auditioned both these speakers for my bedroom system. i eventually went with the ProAc. I found that the ProAc midrange with more transparent and lacked any boxiness. The ProAcs also bettered the JA in terms of soundstaging and imaging. In all I... 
Audio Electric Supply/Cary AE3 Tube Preamp
From what I've read the Bottlehead Foreplay is sonically superior to the AE-3. I've been very pleased with mine. The basic kit only costs $150 and there are excellent upgrade paths and a wonderfully helpful discussion forum. 
Proac Respnse 1SC vs 1.5 vs B&W 805N
I was comparing these two speakers not long ago and went with the ProAcs. I found the 1sc to have beautiful clear midrange and a smooth treble. The B&W's treble in comparison sounded a bit too foward and harsh for my taste. I prefered the bass... 
Cary/Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 Best UPGRADES?
I believe that if you send the unit back to AE/Cary and they will upgrade it to the DJH for just the difference in cost new. I know they do that with their Superamps. Though AE recommends the copper foil caps, I heard they can sound a bit too liqu... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Minimalism at its best. 
Experience with AES - 25 SuperAmp
i just bought a pair of ProAc 1SCs to go along with my AE 25 Superamp DJH two weeks ago. So far I have been extremely pleased. I had initially auditioned the ProAcs with a CJ gear (not entirely sure of the model, I believe MV60 ) at the dealer so ...