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Has anybody listened to the Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers?
ok much appreciated. 
Has anybody listened to the Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers?
Are Klipsch considered high end sound? 
Worst or Best Excuses!
I always buy my wife something expensive...first. 
Best speakers for Pink Floyd?
Interesting question as I have often wondered why PF does not have the bass I remember feeling and hearing on speakers of the yore.  I am sure it may have something to do with the refinement in sound over the years or maybe its just my mind playin... 
Focal Chorus: Experiences to share anyone?
A late reply but hope it helps. I auditioned the 726 and ended up buying it's bigger brother, the 826 instead, and would recommend both. I think the tweeter in the Chorus line is the main selling point, being an inverted dome design. The bass on a... 
Is it live or is it?
Richz, thank-you for the informed response as it makes great sense. 
Are tone controls worth a second look ?
Merlin TSM review
I have auditioned them at a dealer's store in less than ideal conditions. I am curious if you are satisfied with the amount of bass? 
Anticables Review
I once tried the Anti-Cables when they had just come out. Right off the bat they made the system sound livelier with more attack than my Audioquest Ruby Bi-Wires. These cables, for some, could be all that should ever be needed. 
Does alcohol impair appreciation of sound?
Thank-you all 
What's your profession? Age?
52, Head of IT, International Bank.