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CA: Audio club in san diego area?
Juniperlater: yes, the club still meets, regularly, monthly, often at Stereo Unlimited. I don't have the information on the next meeting. Someone may post it here, or you might try phoning Stereo Unlimited. 
Power Cord for a PS 600
Of the dozen or so power cords I've bought or heard, the Whale Elite beats the others hands down. I plugged my first Whale into a PS300; a second one sounded best with my Pass amp; and I'm planning to buy a third for the Sony SCD-777SE. Very fast,... 
Power Cord Review
Jim, my experience was similar to your 6-19-01 comment, "I know that conventional wisdom says that PC's make a bigger difference at source components, but these are a nice addition to my power amp." I'd originally connected a new BMI Whale to my S... 
Cheapest SACDs?
Lenardd, thanks for the SACD sites. I'm more interested in the Sonys for the classical releases. The HMV's prices were $19 and up, Elusive's were $18, Super Audio had a limited selection and were expensive, and Acoustic Sound's were $18. I guess t... 
what happened to power cord review
Psychicanimal, thanks for recommending the Absolute power cord, which for $50 I ordered on faith.Of my half dozen moderately priced PCs, the BMI Eel has been best in my system; haven't heard the Whale. But over the weekend I bought a used Sony SCD... 
CA: Audio club in san diego area?
Does The Audio Guild have an email address or website? Or some way we can corroborate time and place? Is there a mailing list? Thanks!