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Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status
Michael did the mod to my T3 MPC connected to a tube power amp. Lower noise floor, much better highs and less glare. I can't say if it's equal to the Galileo but don't have any desire to compare them now. 
Quad ESL Cap mods
I have upgraded the capacitor/resistor with 9-22uF Mudorf Supreme capacitors and a 1.5 ohm Duelund resistor on each 2905 speaker. Here are my impressions at 100 hours:Much more coherent, space around instruments sounds more "right". Timbres and br... 
Quad ESL Cap mods
I have been researching the same options for replacing the electrolytics in my Quad 2905s. FYI the 220uF cap is in series with the input and it does have a 1.5 ohm resistor in parallel with it (which could also use an upgrade to a Mills or somethi...