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Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
I have "depth" throughout the soundstage - up to the left edge of the left speaker and the right edge of the right speaker.  I have width beyond the speakers but there doesn't appear to be much depth beyond the edge of the speakers.  
Qobuz dropping rights to my favorites. A pox on their house (resubmit)
I've seen the same thing.  Often I can search immediately and find the replacement - searching the track title seems to work better.  
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
At times impedance matching between the DAC and Amp has an impact.  For years I used a passive attenuator between a Mark Levinson 360S DAC and a Pass Aleph 5 amplifier - it worked well.  Since, updating my amp (loosely based on an older Accuphase ... 
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
I have a pair of Spendor SP9/1's that I'm afraid to let go of for this reason - they don't do anything seriously wrong.  I've owned them for over twenty years.  
Power cords or power conditioner
Power cables YES. Power conditioner NO  
Did you notice....
I'm getting better results streaming directly from Qobuz compared to playing CD's on a Mark Levinson 37 transport / 360S DAC; but I have put a great deal of effort into optimizing my digital front end.  
What Digital to Digital Converter Do You Use? Why?
Wow!  So I’m not the only one!!  I have conducted several A/B tests between my Gustard U18 & PS Audio Directstream DAC with updated firmware - every time the AES/EBU wins hands down.  
Volume Control Too Sensitive
Consider yourself lucky.  I found adding an attenuator between the preamp and amp improved my overall system (it worked better here than in between the DAC and preamp).  I was able to find just the right gain between the preamp and amp where the o... 
Is a cheaper DAC + Reclocker better than just an expensive DAC?
Well...I would have given you the same advice 6 months ago - buy the best single dac unit you can afford.  But, now that I've completed my own digital front-end upgrade, I would recommend buying the best DAC you can afford AND add a reclocker. In... 
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
Yes, the spelling does inspire confidence - for sure! I'm just happy they're not counterfeit name-brand cables - yikes. I bought a preamp and later an amp from Queenway - both sound great; better than expected.  He seems to know what he's doing.... 
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience? They claim these are hand woven - appearance & sound quality are much better than those customized by machine.  Teflon covered, 16 strand core silver-p... 
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
Paying a professional to create a digital room correction filter for me.  I figured out later that I needed to swap the position of my couch and my speakers (never have your listening chair in the center of the room if your speakers are against a ... 
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
I was thinking about upgrading my Transparent Super Bi-cables; but, yesterday I grabbed a tool and re-torqued.  On a few of the binding posts I heard an audible "crunch".  And when I resumed listening - wow!  They sound like new speaker cables.  I...