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Mcintosh vs AudioResearch Preamps
Ciao Thorman and thanks for your replyI just know others brand but i'm curios about these one because never listened.I like for example Accuphase but i red on differente very positives judgments about them.Thanks a lotMartinez 
Someone live in Tokyo ?
hi and thanks for all your precious tipsciaomartinez 
Rowland vs Rowland
thanks to all i will let u knowciaomartinez 
Rowland vs Rowland
i forgot to ask another thingsomeone has experience with different version of Model 8?T Ti TiHCi also listened mine version (normal without T)thanksmartinez 
Rowland vs Rowland
ciao sirspeedy70680@earthlink.netthanks indeed for your tipsbut for you a model 8/9 updated how is then the newest 300 series?i live in itly and send bps (also without batteries in colorado) is very expensivehowever thanks for allciao