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Review: Marsh Sound Design A-400s Amplifier
Greetings ALL:I'm considering the Marsh A-400 to replace my Rotel1080 and my only concern is the relatively brief warranty.Does this reflect poorly on build quality or design?Any feedback welcome.TIA,Charles 
speaker suggestions for modest arcam alpha system
Mark,I ran across your post(I'm new to this list) but if you haven't listened to Totem's speakers I'd surely recommend them. My stereo guru friend and I went to the hi-fi show here in San Francisco a few years ago and we were absolutely blown away... 
Which amp to drive Totem Signiture ones?
Greetings:I'm new to this list--so I hope I'm doing this properly.I've essentially inherited a mid-fi system of a Parasound PLD-1100, Rotel RB-1080, Velodyne ULD ? 12, and an Arcam Alpha 7se CD player, but no speakers. Several years ago I heard so...