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Advent loudspeakers
 Thank you everyone, I appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the picture to load. Basically the surrounds are rotted out. Might b fun to own at a bottom price.Happy holidays. 
Harmon Kardon HK430
HelloThe stereo light does not come on.The aux and phono will transmit signal to the speakers from my mp3 and turntable 
Can you identify?
Thank you 
Can you identify?
OOPs, sorry. I thought I was only pasting the picture of the speaker. 
Speaker boxes. To rebuild or not to rebuild
Great great suggestions. I am currently performing "open box" surgery to learn and observe the operation of a 3 way. After reading countless threads on many topics, I feel that I can put them to use as donors and then put them out to pasture. I wo... 
Speaker boxes. To rebuild or not to rebuild
As I suspected, they go to the dump tomorrow.LOL 
Pairing speakers with Sansui G6000
What's everyone's feeling on the AudioTechnica ATLP120? 
First investment into a turntable
Thank you all. Precious advice. I will increase my budget and hunt for your recommendations.