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Speaker suggestions:long-wall, somewhat nearfield.
The answer might be the Peak Consult Empress. These speakers may have the right amount of what you are looking for. My wife said, "tell him to get the Audio Physic Avanti 3's." The Avanti 3's are spectacular nearfield speakers. Both speakers shoul... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"But I could have told you, Vincent - This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." -Don McLean, "Starry Starry Night" 
Best $4000-$5000 loudspeaker
If you can stretch a little more, consider the Audio Physic Avanti3 for around 6k used. Some people may say they fit into an excellent speaker under 15k category. When set up properly, Avanti3's image and create a very effective soundstage. 
Anyone: Wilson X1Grand Slamm/ Lamm ML2's
Hi Guys,In general, what would you consider to be a good speaker that would bring out the magic of ML2's?Thanks, 
Monoblock Suggestion?
There is an amp that should be seriously considered with the MS-5's. As they say, synergy between amps and speakers is everything. Check out the Gamut D-200 mkII, not the mkIII. In particular, this will be a good match in the bass region. Then, to... 
Monoblock Suggestion?
How big is your room? How loud do listen? 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Starry starry night, paint your palatte blue and grey;Look out on a summer's day, with eyes that know the darkness of my soul............but I could have told you, Vincent, This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."Don McLeanAmerica...