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Best musician in the world?
Hey Dustych, I didn't want to bring up Buckethead because it(Bucket) is my best friend, I am the singer of two bands with it (Deli Creeps and Hook and Pull Gang) and I didn't want to scare anyone... Buckethead is definitely in his own class on gui... 
M&K Speakers? Any thoughts?
For the price, the MK 750-THX speakers sound very nice for home theater use. Great clarity and imaging, at least for the amount of money you will spend. If you want to spend twice as much, the SS-150's sound excellent for HT. Check them both out, ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Debussy's Quartet in G minor, opus 10; Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or various moments in his Ninth Symphony, especially the Chorale crescendo; Samuel Barber's Adagio For Strings. 
Worst Audio Injury !!
Hey Tubegroover, I hope you are still able to eat Chicken after a horrible experience like that. Seriously, glad to hear the bird is fine. 
Best musician in the world?
Thanks Case, I will check him out. That was the real point of the original question, not so much the musician who is greatest at playing one instrument, because then it is a matter of the listener's taste in music and instruments. When someone is ... 
Best musician in the world?
To your categories, the only amendment I would offer would be in the category of drumming, Tony Williams, recently deceased, is on a par with Coltrane, Heifetz and others. As a matter of fact, Jascha Heifetz' grandson, Danny, is a great drummer in... 
Worst Audio Injury !!
The series of blows as initiated by my wife's flying fists that I receive every time I upgrade, you know the injury- accompanied by the statement "What Is THAT? Is that NEW?!!"... whack!!! 
CD Player
Hey guys, is the Pioneer DV-05 a decent entry-level model? What else compares under $800?