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New Spatial Audio M4 Ultra
I have the X4 Ultras and they sound amazing with both my Benchmark amp/preamp and with my LTA Ultralinear integrated.    
Is anything better than the Accuphase T-100?
I just purchased a T-100 having owned an McIntosh MR77, Scott 310E, Scott 310 +335, Scott 370B, Sony XDR-F1HD (full mods by XDRGuy) and a Mitsubishi DA-F20.  The T-100 beats them all for sound-hands down. Among the tuners I have owned, only the XD... 
Best Integrated Amp for B&W 602 s2 +/-$500 used
I just purchased the Onkyo TX-8050 and I have to say that I am amazed. Needed to downsize financially so I bought this receiver for the functionality. Currently using it with 85 db Aerial Model 6's and it sounds great at normal listening volumes. ... 
Audiocubics R-cube remote volume control review
I purchased the Audiocubics remote system about two months ago and could not be more pleased. The sound, build quality, visual appeal, and ergonomics are outstanding. At twice the price point, I don't think you could find a remote passive volume c...