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Cowboy Junkies Fans-- new recording
It's available in record stores. I just picked it up at Crow's Nest in Chicago today. 
Best tube for Cal Sigma 2
You could try Audioasylum and look in their tube section for suggestions. 
Anyone heard that Rotel amp that cost 2700 in 1996
Look on the Rotel website and see if it's listed. I think it lists U.S. products only. Rotel sells a number of products for overseas sales only. 
Christmas music
Anyone for the "A Very Special Christmas" series? The first two (to me) are the best. Reminds me of my youth. 
Better Transport than CAL Delta
Aiwa doesn't make the XC-37 M anymore. You'll have to find one used. Oh, that's the transport Sugarbrie was referring to. You need either the XC-37 M or the XC-35 M.