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Speaker purchase question
I've decided to move on. Like most things in life, there is gray area. The seller should have disclosed the missing grilles (especially since he is now telling me he recently contacted the Rega distributor about replacing the grilles), but I shoul... 
Speaker purchase question
“Perhaps a fair solution would be for seller to offer some consideration towards new grills (50%?), so everybody could walk away feeling reasonably whole.I'm optimistic about such a concession, though, esp. since the cost of replacement grills mi... 
Speaker purchase question
“Btw, did the ad say that only what is pictured is included? If not then it's his fault again”No, this was not stated. 
Speaker purchase question
They were rated a 7. 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
I have been a subscriber to Tidal Premium for the past couple of years, but decided to take the Amazon Music HD trial to compare; the price going forward has definitely piqued my interest. I stream via Sonos Connect.So, I have run into issues with... 
Bookshelf speakers for a NAD C368 integrated amp
I second the suggestion of PSB Alpha P5’s. I was very impressed with them. 
I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage
I didn’t see it mentioned, but with those room dimensions, I would try firing the speakers diagonally. This can be effective in smaller, square rooms. You have nice electronics; with the right positioning you might get amazing results with somethi... 
best solid state integrated to match with B&W 685s
I used a NAD C325BEEE with the 685's in a smallish room and the sound was terrific. 
Why is some vinyl noisy?
It is a strange thing...some LPs that look like they were used for frisbees sound great -- and nice, glossy copies sound terrible. This is why I try not to give up on older LPs I run across in thrift stores (especially considering that they're 3/$...