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Esoteric E-03 Phono Stage
Hifi223,Please elaborate on the qualities of the preamp. Have you compared it to any others? I have been unable to hear one (so far!) but it is very high on my list.Mike 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
I have really enjoyed this post, and have used it as a point of reference for my own system. I would like to share my own experiences, as they may help others as you all have helped me. I have been searching for that interconnect and speaker cable... 
Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area
I am interested in joining the Philadelphia Area Audio Group. I live in Dover, De and would like to attend one of your gatherings. Please contact me. 
DeHavilland Mercury Pre-amp Owners
I am using an Edge NL 12.1 amp, running to my Usher Audio BE20 speakers. The combination is fantastic. I had a Hovland HP100 previously, no slouch ....but the Mercury II is really something special.