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Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Fritz. Von Lange, small, deep bass and awesome soundstage  revel  magico yg summit   
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
Magicio 2 fritz von lange YG totem those 3 speakers, especially the FRITZ von Langes caught my ears at AXPONA this year. The von Langes plumbed the depths, were shockingly small and imaged like crazy.   
Do I need 10 gauge power cord if I have 10 gauge from panel?
IMO, adding hospital grade plugs will have a larger sonic impact. I have 2 dedicated 20A lines for my stereo. It turns out that with everything running and playing music, 2 amps, preamp, phono-pre, dac, cdplayer, turntable, draws only 2.4 Amps. So... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
Dali Oberon1? seems to Image pretty well  
Thiel Owners
I have a pair powered by Quicksilver 120s. Great powerful bass, good imaging. I like them and am not likely to change.sorry the company died with Jim 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
Klipsch heresey’s or tritons 
What Matters and What is Nonsense
So I have to take exception with some of what you wrote. I have listened to a variety of systems as a stereo hobbiest, and the best sounding ones are the ones with the best front end. I’ve listened to modest speakers that sound far better than spe... 
KT 150 Amp Options
jgottget, I'm thinking of getting the mono120's Do you like yours? 
What 2 channel Amp would you Buy for $6k?
Quicksilver v4 mono blocks