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Exposure vs Exposure
I don't have much to offer as far as insight with the newer line of exposure amps. What I can say is that I recently purchased a near mint XV for very little money on ebay. It is hands down my favorite integrated amp that I have ever owned. I have... 
denon dl 103 w/ origin live silver mk II: help
Final update. I still was not quite pleased with the sound that the denon dl 103 was producing. It sounded good, but I still was not experiencing what the fuss was about. I ordered an 8.5g cartridge stabilizer from isokinetik and a counterweight m... 
denon dl 103 w/ origin live silver mk II: help
So it has now been a week since I initially installed the denon dl 103. I changed the loading to 400 ohms and set the gain to 61 db on the Musical Surroundings pre. It seems as though it just needed some burn in time. The sound is much better. The... 
denon dl 103 w/ origin live silver mk II: help
The vta was going to be my first course of action. But given the length of the base on the origin live tonemarm was not adequate to add an aftermarket vta adjuster. At least not while mounted on a rega p3-2000 plinth. 
denon dl 103 w/ origin live silver mk II: help
Thanks for the tips. I am going to give it another two weeks and maybe look into a higher mass body for it. If things don't settle down by then, it's back to the drawing board. 
220v/50hz to 120/60hz
Thanks for the info! Have either of you had any experience with purchasing motors directly through airpax or philips? Apparently 120/v/60hz 300rpm motors are still available. Might I also add that they are all less than 8 dollars. Makes you wonder... 
Audio Technica AT-1005II parts
Thanks for the heads up Banquo363. Regretfully by the time that I had a chance to see your response the bidding was over. Hopefully there will be another.