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Will Magnetic Tape Eventually Go Full Circle ? Re.
Take a look at the front page story in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. The only domestic manufacturer of 2" audio tape filed for bankruptcy and closed its plant on December 31.The story was about those bands, producers, etc. that are dedicated to... 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
My vote today would go to Margo Timmons -- I fell asleep on the couch last night listening to The Trinity Sessions 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
I am not much of rocker these days; but my favorite always has been:Show me, show me, show meHow you do that trickThe one that makes me scream, she saidThe one that makes me laugh, she saidAnd threw her arms around my headShow me how you do itAnd ... 
Besides Audio, what other ''passion'' do you have?
CookingWineEating and drinking the aboveReadingCars 
Silver/Cotton RCA interconnects???
I made a balanced set just a week ago. I haven't had a chance to evaluate it on its own because I also made 4 Chris VH power cords and a set speaker cable from his star quad cable at the same time. After everything is well broken in, I intend to g... 
Hi-end CD 5-disk Changers?
The Mac has a detachable power cord. I just made a new cord for mine the other night.And, I think the changer mechanism in the Mac is the Nakamichi Music Bank changer. It is a bit mechanical sounding on disk changes. 
Most Flexible Audiophile Preamp
The McIntosh C2200 provides a lot of flexibility. 3 outputs, either balanced or unbalanced. 8 inputs, 4 of which can be balanced. One tape output. Phono input among the 8 inputs. I have not used the phono stage yet. It has gotten OK reviews -- "no...