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Tube amps for classical music FU29 vs EL34
re: my entry of 10-05-04 the amp is a cayin 590 not cajun. sorry. it has 6ohm outputs which may explain it's smothness with my older Magnaplaners. the fu29 tube is far superior in clarity for any music source than my previous el34 based amp. 
Cayin's CDT16A, Lyric T8A, opinions/reviews?
i think someone who can converse in German should email Cayin and have them post a website in english. their products are actually of u.s.a. design and chinese mfg., how germany got involved in this is beyond me. 
Tube amps for classical music FU29 vs EL34
i am running a fu29 4 tube Cayun 590 thru some antique Maggie 2a's(which i rebuilt) and with great results. i have been through numerous amps including a Classe' DR 10 (transistor) and other EL34 amps.i have never seen such tubes and immeditelly p...